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About Us

About us

History dates back to 1953 

TOTEX company whose history dates back to 1953 since its inception, specialized in the manufacture of a wide range of textile machinery. After 2006, the company becomes the sole owner of the technical and commercial documentation FINISHING, DRYING AND FIXING machinery of famous Czech textile machinery manufacturer ELITEX Chrastava.

About us

Our focus


about us

Help with restructuring

Activity is not least also help in restructuring industrial companies primarily focused on the maximum efficiency of the production process. This is mainly ASSOCIATION PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY, supplies and reconstruction of facilities with a view to achieving maximum energy savings and use of modern control systems in order to save serviceability.

Our history

The plant was founded in 1892 by Baron Klinger as a textile factory, spinning mill, weaving mill and dyehouse.

In 1939, the plant was incorporated into the SPREEWERKE arms concern and switched to military production.

After the war in 1945, the plant was placed under state administration by the state under the name KOVOPRŮMYSLOVÉ ZÁVODY.

The company started to produce textile machines according to the documentation of the defunct companies SCHNEIDER, BILLIG, RUTHARD, ZIMMER, FLEISSNER AND TANVALDSKÉ STROJÍRNY. The original name of the plant has been changed several times during history, and mostly with the change of name, the organizational integration of the plant has been also changed.

In 1947, the company was incorporated into the national company SEVEROČESKÉ STROJÍRNY A SLÉVÁRNY. A year later, the name was changed to TEXTILSTROJ. In 1950, the national company "Textile Machinery Factory" TONATEX was founded. This name was changed to TOTEX in 1953.

Other changes came in 1956 and the plant became the basic plant of the ELITEX company.

This plant was centrally designated a state-owned enterprise in 1986 and was built as a total of six plants with 3,500 employees, which supplied the huge potential of the textile industry throughout the former USSR with a dedicated range of textile machinery. Thus, the construction and development of the production profile were adapted. In 2007, the original name TOTEX was renewed again with its original trademark. In addition to the original production activities, other activities were added and the company operates virtually worldwide not only in the field of engineering but also in the production of plastic parts.